Doing more with less — Cost-effective application security and performance strategies from 7 companies.

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When organizations face budget constraints, no team is entirely immune. Whether due to economic uncertainty, falling sales, or a host of other reasons, security and IT teams are forced to improve operations without budget growth — or asked to do so while slashing costs.

However, application security and performance are not areas that allow for cost cutting. On the security side, attacks are more complex than ever, and as organizations scale, so do their attack surfaces. On the performance side, consumers expect every digital experience to be fast, reliable, and personalized. Even minor slowdowns can have a significant impact on engagement and conversions.

When facing the dual pressures of budget constraints and rising expectations, security and IT teams need to find ways to deliver more with less. 

Read this whitepaper to discover:

• Real-life stories of companies that have successfully created efficiencies

• Key strategies to cut costs in your application security strategy

• Gain valuable insights into using application security practices to streamline expenses

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