Kubernetes Sentinel Agent: A component of SentinelOne Cloud Workload Security

Published by SentinelOne

Achieve runtime protection and EDR for containerized workloads.

Cloud-native containerized workloads need runtime security protection and EDR just like any other compute. SentinelOne delivers these capabilities to SecOps and DevSecOps teams. Kubernetes Sentinel agents supplement pre-production CI/CD container scanning with real-time protection for live, in-production containers. Runtime protection is vital to identify and stop previously unknown threats that pre-production scans miss. K8s Sentinels also remove a blind spot for the SOC by enabling EDR threat hunting visibility into container operations. Our efficient one agent per node architecture supports self-managed Kubernetes and managed Kubernetes services including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, and Google Cloud GKE. Kubernetes Sentinel enforcement points are managed within the same multi-tenant console alongside other Sentinels for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Administration is flexible, distributed, and managed via role-based access controls that match your organization’s structure. Kubernetes Sentinels offer compatibility and ongoing support for popular Linux families without the risk of kernel module instability or container interference.

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