CIO priorities: 2020 vs. 2023: Zero Trust, SaaS security and its impact on SD-WAN being a priority

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Pre-pandemic, SD-WAN was touted as the critical building block for multi-cloud adoption. Employees returning to the offices are experiencing that their corporate network is much slower than what they've been using at home. Increased SaaS usage, security risks, hybrid workforce, and poor end-user experience are causing CIO to re-evaluate their secured multi-cloud application access strategy.

Is SD-WAN still critical? Is Zero Trust the new center of the network and network security modernization? How can we provide a cafe-like experience to corporate applications, which are increasingly SaaS? How to gain visibility into SaaS applications, monitor, mitigate threats, and secure access to sensitive data? Let us find out.

In this on-demand webinar, Cloudflare will discuss
• The change in CIO priorities from pre to post-pandemic
• Key architecture and technologies, importance of SaaS security & recommendations for 2023 & beyond
• The roadmap to Zero Trust architecture

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